Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mclaren in the wild.

I see McLarens so often at car shows I don't even photograph them. I know that sounds so stupid to say. But this is Silicon Valley. There are so many fancy cars here. And they have one at like every exotic car show. Still when one pulled into the supermarket parking lot while we were getting groceries I had to go get a shot. I mean, I love the Bay Area. Can you imagine taking your McLaren to the supermarket?

When you aren't even trying to haggle.

For a couple of weeks I've been tearing down a shrub. I just found out it's been there for like 40 years. I've always hated it, I've just never gotten around to cutting it down. I'm not sure what kind it is. I just normally call them matchsticks. They are some sort of pine and can grow about 20 feet tall. Mine is just chest high. All the needles just fall into the middle of them and I imagine all sorts of animals try to make nests.

In the beginning I thought I was just going to sawsall them out and put one in the green barrel each week. It turns out since they have been there so long I have to chainsaw out them out. And I didn't really know it before I started, but honestly they are the worst thing I've ever had to rip out. And I am a master at tearing things out.

They have hundreds of branches and they are kinda rubbery. The sawsall was out right away. There is so much stuff in the middle that even if I could have just cut them at the base I'd have never been able to lift them.

Anyway. That's the back story. I'm at the next to the last one So I'm starting to feel good. Today some guy slows in front of my house and asks if I need help. I tell him no thanks - I'm almost done. Then he starts asking about the stumps. It's going to kinda suck to get rid of them so I bite and ask him how much he'd charge to take them out. His first quote was 400 bucks. I was like no way. I mean, I've already planned to rent a chainsaw and a stump grinder. 100 bucks. Approximately.

So he starts walking back the price. He's like, 300 bucks.
Me - naa. Him - well how much would you pay?
Me- I don't know.
Him - well you don't know how much work this is.
Me - In my head I'm like are you effing high. But I laugh and say I know exactly how much work this is - You see me cutting this down right now. Right?
Him- 200 bucks.
Me - Let me think about it. Do you have a card? It's gonna take me a week to get this other tree out anyway.
Him - 100 bucks.

Now this is pretty much what I thought it would cost me, but this guy is going to dig them out with a pick axe. Which is a ridiculous amount of work for a hundred bucks. I was totally stunned at this point. In my head I was like - what just happened here? I mean, it's normal for them to try and get as much as they think they can from you. But it's stunning to have them work for what I would consider cost. If they brought out a couple of guys they could probably get them out in an hour and a half. But still. The stumps are about 8 inches around. They are going to put up a fight.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Monday, February 08, 2016

How hard is Verizon trying to kill themselves?

Updated: I lost my mind yesterday and made a post with completely incorrect information.

Super hard!

Verizon CEO confirms interest in buying Yahoo.

I think Verizon is fond of albatrosses. Not only do they basically own Radio Shack - but now they are thinking of buying Yahoo? Oh... this is going to get good. I'm done with the days when companies only take out themselves. Why go down alone? Take a couple with you.

The funny thing about companies.... they could put up more cell towers to improve the customers experience. But why do that when you could plow all your money into dead companies?

And no - I'm currently not a Verizon customer.

Here go hell come.

Gasoline prices may be about to spike.

"Gas market headed for time of year when prices ‘can jump very quickly’"

I see the army of shallow thinkers are out in force today. This article basically says that the refineries are going into maintenance mode which predictably would cause oil prices to rise. this particular point in history-  it will also cause the glut to increase. If they aren't refining as much, that oil is going to have to be stored somewhere. I guess. That is going to put an extraordinary pressure on the price of oil.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

That's ballin'.

I've been keeping to the East Bay this weekend, because ya know - superbowl. I started out trying to get you cars in Blackhawk, but those guys folded up early. I was giving myself credit by getting us there by 10:30, but they were done. So done.

Anyway. My city has a little airport and on the way back in I noticed there were a LOT of corporate jets parked there. It isn't uncommon to have a couple of them, but this was like 20 jets.  I figured we'd do a drive by and get a shot or two. The longer we stayed though, the more planes showed up. It was a little like DAVOS for my city. I'm sure they were all flying in for the super bowl. You can see in the last shot how big some of these planes were compared to a SUV.

I don't really get why people resent rich people because it was sort of fun watching all these ballin' planes show up. I didn't even know my town was doing that. It also made me feel like I was glad I moved from that side of town. Because as I said, I didn't know my town was doing that.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Bush should just set all of his money on fire. I don't know how he thinks we'd elect a third Bush term. No more Bush!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I'll admit it.

A big part of me being on the Trump bandwagon is the idea that every single day will be like a Trump roast. They were pretty funny. You should go over to youtube to rehash them. I do find it fascinating that I haven't heard one single person talk about the roasts.

The snark is already hilarious. I'm sure it will be a million times funnier if he wins.

Hey, I'm not proud of myself. But I could have a shit world and it not be funny - like now. Or I can maybe have a shit world and it be positively hilarious.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Oh! Now the banks are peddling fiction?

Banks report drop in demand for loans.

"Demand for commercial and industrial loans has plunged in 2016, with declines happening across business sizes. Large- and medium-sized businesses had an 11.1 percent decline, while demand from small businesses fell 12.7 percent. "

The world according to oil.

It's officially worse than the Great Recession.

"SAN RAMON -- Chevron lost $588 million in the fourth quarter of 2015 -- its first quarterly red ink in 14 years -- prompting the company to warn that a fresh round of expense reductions, possibly including job cuts, are in the offing for 2016.

The loss, unleashed by a slide in oil prices, compares to a profit of $3.47 billion for the year-ago fourth quarter. The last quarterly loss for Chevron came in the July-September period of 2002."

I've only been paying attention to oil for about a year and a half because I knew this was going to be very negative for the economy despite what all the pundits tries to convince everyone.

Chevron is local to me so I kinda watch them. When they lay off, the East Bay gets hit. 

Monday, February 01, 2016

So - it's gonna be one of those weeks.

Having to verify my identity on an Indian support line where I can only hear about half of what they are saying. All the while hoping I get the multiple choice answers correct since those stupid questions only vaguely apply to you. Not to mention you probably gave those answers ten years ago.

It's crazy the levels of security you have to go through these days.

I was pretty excited I passed that test though. I wasn't sure I was gonna make it.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fremont Bart site.

I don't have a lot for you this weekend because it's pretty much February. I have to start turning the soil for the garden. Last year the dirt was so dry I didn't even try. You literally felt like a criminal every time you used water outside because its California and all. But we've been getting normal rain this year. I am going to plant the crap out of some corn.

Anyway, some spring flowers are coming out now. I'm not sure if it's going to be as spectacular as last year since we are getting rain and the grass might have a chance to drown them all out.  I'd link to some of the images, but I know a lot of old images are still broken. I'm going to take a good amount of time this week to fix them.

The above image is the new Fremont Bart station.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's play - what if.

This morning I checked interest rates and a lot of them were down in the 3.5% range. Yesterday they were in the 3.67-3.75% range. Much lower than when the Fed raised. I think everything at that time was in the 3.80 - 4.% range.

The whole recession - the lowest I remember them getting was in the 3.50ish range. Because rates have to be that low attract buyers. Especially refi's. That was enough to push rates back up.

So it's kinda confusing to see where they might go if the Fed were to take the hike away. And what if they do - and nothing happens?! A quarter point isn't going to stimulate anything.

I've also heard people now making bets the US could flirt with negative interest rates. I don't think we will go into negative rates because we are a reserve currency. I think it was more likely they try to keep the dollar strong, as if they need to work that hard - the world is a mess! When Brazil cancels Mardi Gras (a revenue generator) things are really getting crazy.

I told you they were making shit up.

Oil rallied this week on false hopes for OPEC deal.

Additionally - the dollar weakened through December to January  coming down to around the low 97's. It was up over 100. This would obviously cause a rally in oil. However, that little Japan action last night sent the dollar up a penny. It's now at 99.58. Yesterdays read was 98.59.

The dollar controls everything right now. And I think it could even get stronger.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

That will teach you to eat my car.

Remember a while back I took my car into the shop and found out that a rat had eaten some of my wiring? Well, I went out and bought like a 100 dollars in traps and set them up in the garage. For weeks there has been nothing. Which was pretty shocking because who knows maybe I was New York style infested and I never knew it. You expect  to at least catch a rando.

Every day when I'd check then I couldn't believe I hadn't caught even one! Until yesterday. That is the big rat traps. I'm determined to catch every single rat in my neighborhood. Apparently it's just going to take me a long time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I guess Yellen didn't get the memo about peddling fiction.

This is the problem for Republicans.

Every single time I hear the establishment Republicans say that Donald Trump is not a conservative (which is probably true) I think - I don't remember you being this bitchy when our own party is chock full of RINOS. Big government big spenders.

Even if Donald Trump is a democrat - he's more conservative than 90% of our own Republicans! We hate all those bastards. They basically did nothing and let President Money Bags run roughshod over everything. For that we are really, really, surly.

Trump is not my ideal candidate by any stretch of the imagination. Having said that - most of the candidates have already been in government and didn't do shit for us. And honestly, he's the only one I think truly believes in capitalism.  It's honestly the ONLY thing that matters to me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mr S. Reading me tweets -  Pantless motorist killed in crash was masturbating, watching pornn flick on phone.

Me - on a motorcycle!

Mr S. -  motorist.

Me - oh. (In a letdown tone) I was impressed for a second there.
There is nothing short of a hug from Obama that could kill Trumps chances.